Help Create God’s Abundant Harvest for our Community

FIRST DAY OF FALL UPDATE... 9/22/2022 ... We've spent the season planting, caring for, and harvesting the extra special starts that Janie lovingly produced in her greenhouse. | We've also asked Janie to share some of her favorite recipes (anyone want to join her?) | We're gearing up to keep you aware of garden care needs and harvesting news. | STAY TUNED for news... we're going to have a beautiful and bountiful transition into Winter at TCG | REMINDER: "WITH YOUR HELP"... we provide healthy & nutritious vegetables for you and members of our Kittitas County community | There are many ways your participation in the Garden can make a difference this year. | Schedule Your Garden Time in the WHITE BOX BELOW | BE SURE TO: Check out the "COMMUNITY GARDEN BLOG" (on this page) for FRESH NEWS & COMMENTS

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